Run with a Story is a Newcastle fun run event, which Planet Fitness runs annually. RWAS is a registered non-profit charity event and aims to raise money for members in our community who are in need of assistance. This year’s event will be held on 7th May 2017 starting at Fernleigh Track, Belmont.

Run, walk, or skip – just join in the fun and help us raise money for this year’s family!

2017 Family – Ella Hammond

Ella is four years old and has been diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder that affects the body’s connective tissue – Neo-natal Marfan Syndrome. It affects about one in 5,000 people and those with the condition often grow tall and thin. It brings a swathe of medical issues that range from vision impairment to organ damage. In Ella’s case, three out of four of her hearts valves have been compromised.
After spending much of her young life in hospital, Ella has had magnetic growth rods placed in her back a major operation in July 2016. She has become one of Australia’s youngest children to be put into halo traction. The doctors hope that the magnetic growth rods can correct Ella’s severe scoliosis which is putting dangerous pressure on her heart and lungs. Ella has had 4 surgeries in total and her 5th and 2nd open heart surgery could possibly be in November 2017. Making her a dual mechanical valve little girl. With transport to her Sydney-based specialist, accommodation, food and life saving medical equipment – Ella’s treatment costs will be ongoing.
Neo-natal Marfan has made life for the family uncertain at best and terrifying at worst. Ella wasn’t meant to live past 1 year old and is now 4 years old, she has never walked and is confined to a wheelchair.
In Australia there are 2 other people who have Neo-natal Marfans and are genetically confirmed like Ella. Ella’s odds are heavily stacked against her, even a common cold could kill Ella. Keeping her free from illness and continuing to grow has been Ella’s mother Sheree’s mission. The best thing for Ella is an opportunity to be given all the help she needs, to one day be able to walk and play with her older sister. We would like to help to make this possible with Run With A Story 2017, and we’d like your support.


Each runner will receive a Goodie Bag when they come to pick up their Runner’s Pack from Planet Fitness Lambton.

Registrations close at 12:00pm on Saturday 6 May. Registrations can be completed in person at the venue on the day of the run but any runners that register on the day will not receive a goodie bag.

If you don’t want to register online, please visit Planet Fitness Lambton, Planet Fitness Charlestown, or Planet Fitness Belmont. Cash only.

Running Pack Collection

You can collect your pack from Planet Fitness Lambton (McDonald Jones Stadium, Turton Road) from Thursday the 4th May (from 9am) until Saturday the 6th May (until 3pm). Your pack will include:

1. Your running bib with your nominated distance. This needs to be attached to the front of your running singlet/ shirt. Safety pins will be provided.

2. A goodies bag.



7 May 2017


Fernleigh Track
Railway Parade, Belmont NSW

5km starting 11:30am – $15
10km starting 11:00am – $20
15km starting 10:30am – $25
30km starting 9:00am (plus teams) – $30
45km starting 7:30am (plus teams) – $35
60km starting 6:00am (plus teams) – $40

And of course, you are always welcome to donate more to our worthy cause!
Please note that booking and transaction fees apply.

Want to donate? You can either donate on our registration page or complete a direct deposit payment using your name as a reference and these banking details –
BSB: 082 514 | Account Number: 844 856 087

To receive a receipt for your direct deposit, please email us here with your contact details and the amount you donated.

RWAS Charity Auction Dinner

Held on Friday 19th of May at South Newcastle Rugby League Club, dress to impress as this night of celebration for a great cause is going to go off with a bang.

Come and enjoy a night of auctions, games, music, raffles, and entertainment as we raise funds to help the Hammond family. Ticket price includes a two course meal.

$80 per person / $750 for a table of 10
Please note that booking and transaction fees apply.

Book Now!

Registrations now open!

Hit on of the buttons below to be taken to our RWAS Registration portal where you can register as a Runner, register as a Volunteer, or donate. If you want to run but can’t register online, come in to Planet Fitness Lambton, Planet Fitness Charlestown, or Planet Fitness Belmont to join up.



Get your mates and family to sponsor you by running either 5km, 10km, 15km, 30km, 45km, 60km or a TEAM distance (relay style) in this years Run with a Story!

Get your mates to run and have their mates support them!

The more runners we have, the more funds we raise for our family!

Jump on your Facebook page and Instagram, share and spread to your friends and have them run with you!

Don’t want to run, but still want to be involved? No problem! Please come and help us by being a volunteer.

Run With a Story is a not for profit event. All proceeds go to the RWAS family! Don’t have PayPal? No worries! Complete a direct deposit payment using your name as a reference and these banking details –
BSB: 082 514 | Account Number: 844 856 087

To receive a receipt, please email us here with your contact details and the amount you donated.

Meet our past RWAS families:

…none of this would’ve been possible without the generosity and enthusiasm of those that fundraised…

Matt Storey

Matthew Storey

Where the story began…


Matt Storey was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in July 2008, when he was 18. After many regimes of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, along with two bone marrow transplants, the disease was still there. To be kept alive, and to have at least some chance of what we all consider a normal life, Matt was prescribed Brentuximab. Unfortunately, as it is not part of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, Matt needed to pay for the drug. The estimated cost of his total treatment was expected to exceed $150,000 – this is where RWAS stepped in to help!


An update from Matt…
“After all the fundraising and treatment, I had another bone marrow transplant in July 2013. The hope was to cure me (and therefore not need to pay for the expensive drug any more). It is nearly two years since the transplant and I am still in remission. This is massive – previously the furthest I had made it in remission was 9 months. There have been some minor complications but overall things are going really well. I’m back working about 30 hours a week, doing a bit of massage diploma study, and keeping fit – essentially I am leading a completely normal life. It’s a massive turnaround from being in hospital all the time! All that said, none of this would’ve been possible without the generosity and enthusiasm of those that fundraised or donated toward my cause. I am grateful for it every day.” – Matthew Storey

Thanks everyone who came and ran today, it’s great to see so much support…

Jordan & Logan’s parents

Jordan & Logan Weir

Second Year


Jordan and Logan were both born with XCIPO Chronic Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction. A RARE disease that makes it impossible for the boys to digest food. Without the ability to digest food, Jordan and Logan must both be fed through tubes which they are hooked to for 18 hours a day. To bring some normality back into their young lives, RWAS helped raise funds to create a “clean room” house addition where the boys can play safely. Dylan, the Weir boys’ older brother (6) volunteered to run 5km on the day for his brothers.


Update on the boys:

Construction has been completed on the boys’ clean room, and now they can enjoy playing safely!

Hayley & Jade Reeves

Hayley & Jade Reeves

Third Year


Hayley was diagnosed with a stage AAA tumour in her right breast in 2013. After extensive chemotherapy she had her right breast removed followed by radiation treatment. Hayley was doing well but in an a twist of fate, her beautiful 2 year old daughter Jade experienced speech and walking difficulties in November 2014. After investigations, it was a shock to discover that Jade too had been diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour that covered more than half of her right brain.


Jade underwent surgery and had a shunt implanted to release pressure and fluid from her brain, along with extensive chemotherapy. During this ordeal Hayley was scheduled to have her left breast removed in January 2015. While she was recovering from her own surgery, Jade began experiencing seizures, so yet another surgery was scheduled to adjust her shunt.


This overwhelming experience put immense emotional and financial strain on the family. To help with ongoing medical costs and loss of income RWAS helped reach out to the people in the community to donate to help support Hayley & Jade.

Iva Harris

Iva Harris

Fourth Year


Iva is five years old and is living with global development delay. Due to her underlying condition not being officially recognised, Iva’s family was left without government funding and were forced to pay for medical costs and ongoing therapy.
Iva was unable to crawl, walk or talk. However, Iva’s intensive TheraSuit therapy sessions at The OT Clinic in Sydney have already allowed her to advance in leaps and bounds. Iva is now able to sit up on her own and roll over.
TheraSuit is based on an intensive exercise program that incorporates reflexes and functional patterns of movement. TheraSuit aligns the body as close to a “normal” anatomical position as possible. It works to help normalise muscle tone and sensory and vestibular function.
Due to the OT Clinic being the only facility in Sydney that provides TheraSuit therapy, treatments are booked out up to 12 months in advance and cost several thousand dollars per treatment. Also, as treatments extend for up to 3 weeks, this upfront cost also incurs expenses for travel, accommodation, living expenses and loss of income. This is where Planet helped with community funding.


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