Heads Up, Treadmill Runners

When you run outside, you don’t think twice about where to stare: You look straight ahead in the direction that you’re traveling. But the treadmill presents more options for your gaze—a TV screen overhead, an instructor moving about the room, a magazine covering up your console. And as it turns out,...


Meet Julia Hawkins, the 101-Year-Old Competitive Runner

Julia is training for the 50m and 100m dash at the upcoming Senior Olympics. Louisiana native Julia Hawkins became a competitive cyclist at age 81. Last year at age 100, seeking a new challenge, she decided to pick up competitive running for the first time. She registered for the 50m dash at the Lou...


How Running Helped Me Realise My Own Strength

I’ll never forget the first day I ran 10 miles, for no other reason than to see if I could. Everything about that morning—the weather (just on the edge of being too warm), the music playing in my earphones (old-school Michael Jackson), even the number of times I scolded myself for not bringing water...


What actually causes muscle soreness?

You’ve kick-started your morning with some stair drills or a pump class to get you moving. Half way through through those squats, you begin to feel the burn. And by the time the next morning comes around, you’re probably wincing at the fact that you may never walk (or squat) again. Sound...